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WHAT is Piumalinux

Piumalinux is an opensource operating system of the GNU/Linux family. It is free to download and to use. You pay nothing and nothing is hidden.

Besides, Piumalinux has received an important upgrade. Now it is not Ubuntu-based anymore, it is built on Debian Sid instead. Piumalinux is (just another) Debian flovour.


What is NEW in Piumalinux

Almost everything: new bleeding edge kernel, new framework, new building process, new packages, new (good old) Debian base... Debian is more flexible than Ubuntu and has a huge variety of precompiled packages.

Now you can choose different spins of Piumalinux, depending on your needs. As told, each image is built on Debian structure and with Debian APT, via deb packages. That is, your /etc/apt/sources.list will show only one fundamental repository: Debian unstable (of course, "main" "contrib" and "non-free").

What is Piumalinux's PURPOSE

Each spin has a different purpose. If you want to build your own system, you can grab a core spin, otherwise choose a full image. The advantage is that you don't need to download a Debian netinst.iso and go through the quite demanding installation process, in order to accomplish a complete Sid installation.

Each Piumalinux spin is easy to run as a live system and to install on your hard-drive. The installer is simple and friendly, because it is a Systemback script. Piumalinux spins family is going to grow.

What can I DO with Piumalinux

You can do whatever you want, using a fast and updated GNU/Linux OS. Just remember that Piumalinux is built on Debian Sid, that is Debian Unstable. It is not as stable as Debian official release, but it is more usable than experimental images: it works reliably likewise latest Ubuntu releases.

WHICH Piumalinux do I choose

Look at the table below: it shows the growing number of spins, built with different components. Only you know what you need and like. Each spin you find here can boot into a working live system and has got an installer as well.

Spin Version Description Components Missing Download Link
Piumalinux Ground Zero 0.1 Built on Debian Sid, it contains Xorg and the latest kernel, CUPS and basic unix tools
  • Debian Sid
  • Xorg
  • latest Kernel
  • Systemback
  • Print server
  • Basic Debian tools via CLI
  • Any desktop environment
  • anything else
Piumalinux Ground Mate Core 0.1 Built on Debian Sid, it runs a minimal Mate Desktop Environment (Pluma text editor and Chromium browser)
  • pmlnx-ground-zero components
  • Chromium
  • Pluma
  • Mate Themes
  • Deborphan
  • Print server
  • Basic Debian tools via CLI
  • ! Audio server
  • ! Network Manager
  • ! Display Manager
  • Firmware Linux Non-Free
  • Advanced settings
  • Flash or Pepper player
  • Graphical tools, e.g. Gimp, Inkscape
  • Office-like programs
  • PDF reader
pmlnx-ground-mate-core AMD64
Piumalinux Ground Mate Full 0.1 The same as Piumalinux Grund Mate Core, plus lots of addons
  • pmlnx-ground-mate-core components
  • Audio server (Pulse Audio)
  • Network Manager
  • Light Display Manager
  • Mate Desktop Environment (Extras)
  • Firmware Linux Non-Free
  • Pepper Flash Plugin Player
  • Libre Office
  • Tex-Live and Latex
  • Latexila (Latex Editor)
  • Bleachbit
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape
  • VLC or another video player
pmlnx-ground-mate-full AMD64
Piumalinux Ground Mate Extra 0.1 The same as Piumalinux Ground Mate Full, plus missing components
  • pmlnx-ground-mate-full components
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape
  • VLC
  • Virtual Machine Manager
  • Filezilla
  • Audacious
  • Emacs
Nothing! :-) pmlnx-ground-mate-extra AMD64
Piumalinux Ground i3 Slim 0.1 The same as Piumalinux Ground Zero, plus a great tiling window manager called "i3"
  • pmlnx-ground-zero components
  • i3
  • w3m
Anithing else: for power user! pmlnx-ground-i3-slim AMD 64
Piumalinux Ground i3 Ultraslim 0.1 Only the basic Debian OS, plus a great tiling window manager called "i3"
  • Debian Sid
  • Xorg
  • latest Kernel
  • Systemback
  • Basic Debian tools via CLI
  • i3
  • w3m
  • Anithing else: for power user!
  • NB: Print server missing!
pmlnx-ground-i3-ultraslim i386


A few TIPS


A few things to know before you start:

It's time to install Piumalinux:

If you choose the USB stick, follow these steps:

~# fdisk -l 
~$ cp pmlnx.iso /dev/sdX
~$ sync

The first command shows the path of your USB stick, i.e. the letter to write in place of "X" in the second command. The second and the third command write the ISO on the USB stick and sync it.

Note: often Unetbootin, that can copy Ubuntu-based distribution ISOs on USB sticks, does NOT work with Debian. So don't use it.

How to launch the installer from X (or i3)

If you want to install Piumalinux Ground i3 Slim, or similar (i3 Ultraslim etc.), from the live system, or if you want to use Systemback without a proper DE and gksu, you need to launch it using the terminal. From root you cannot do it, and your user has no prilivege. You simply do this:

~$ /usr/lib/systemback/sbsustart systemback

A Systemback prompt will ask you superuser's password, then you will be able to launch all the scripts.

How to build your CUSTOM os

Download Debian Installer (testing): amd64, i386. Burn it on a CD or copy on a USB stick (read how above), than boot the installer and select Expert install (further reading here). Install only the basic system. Complete the installation and reboot.

It's time to upgrade testing release to unstable release, by modifying /etc/apt/sources.list. It must conteins only these lines:

deb http://ftp.uk.debian.org/debian/ sid main contrib non-free
deb-src http://ftp.uk.debian.org/debian/ sid main contrib non-free

Note: change uk with your country code (it = Italy, us = USA, de = Germany, etc. look here for details).

Now start the customization. For example:

~# apt-get install xorg mate-desktop-environment-core chromium

If you need to share your ISO, download and install Systemback:

~$ wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/systemback/files/1.6/Systemback_Install_Pack_v1.6.201.tar.xz
~$ tar -xf Systemback_Install_Pack_v1.6.201.tar.xz
~# sh /home/user/Systemback_Install_Pack_v1.6.201/install.sh
~# apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
~# apt-get autoremove && apt-get autoclean
~$ rm -r Systemback_Install_Pack_v1.6.201*

Note: understand that Systemback version (at present time v1.6.201) may change. Look here for info about Systemback.

How to CLEAN the system

There are some tools you can install which are usefull to clean the system. You may run Bleachbit or/and one of these (or all):

Use this command to remove config files no more needed:

~# dpkg --purge `dpkg -l | egrep "^rc" | cut -d' ' -f3`

Clean APT cache:

~# apt-get clean
~# apt-get autoclean

Contact & Help

Links concerning Piumalinux:

Old links, not updated contents:

Further readings:

Previous releases

Piumalinux JYNX (2014), Ubuntu-based plus Mate DE:

Piumalinux 2012 (2013), Ubuntu-based plus Mate DE:

Report issues

Please, refer to Piumalinux Tickets in order to report issues. Thank you, it is well-accepted!